Kevin Pol



Kevin (Elsinrostro) pol


I love art in all its forms, I started programming from a young age, my dream is to turn things in my head into games, paintings, stories, experiences...


I love creating worlds, putting a piece of my soul, my emotions and dreams in everything I do. Passion is my main engine for everything.


As a child I was a pupil of Don Paulino Astudillo's  art school in Iquique, a beautiful experience with a wonderful national artist.


On the crazy journey, with ups and downs, I have met a lot of great people, great dreamers and geniuses who I know that tomorrow they will achieve spectacular things and it causes me tremendous happiness to have been part of their lives in one way or another.


I've always been the weird one of the group but I'm ok with that, it was not until after I discovered that it was Asperger that I could find more like-minded people apart, of course, from the very artists who have always made me feel beautifully at ease within their personal universes.


Currently I direct my KoM Studios project, I create animations, illustrations and defend neurodiversity, gender equality; equality in all its forms.